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Our Team

John Haas: Owner & Service Manager


John has been employed by Mike Vinson Auto since October, 1994. He is the “Haas” in Vinson/Haas Automotive as we are now known. John is an Arizona native, graduated from Horizon High School in 1990 and served in the US Navy. John is married to Amy, our office manager and has two sons, Hunter and Brody. With Mike’s retirement in May 2016, John and Amy have completely taken over the daily operations of the business and are proud to have the title “owner”.

As an owner/manager, John’s main tasks include keeping jobs organized, ordering parts and communicating with customers. He is great with customers and always happy to take the time to explain a repair. John is our expert in interior repairs including window motors regulators, door locks, dashes all the little intricate things that you don’t think much about ’til they don’t work!! His other proficiencies include brakes, alignment, tire work and maintenance/service work. As his management duties increase, he spends less time performing mechanical repair. However, you’ll still find him out there working alongside the technicians to make sure work is delivered as promised.

In his “free” time, he enjoys golf, camping & off-roading, hiking, and helping promote high school mountain biking.  John volunteers as part of the Arizona Interscholastic Cycling League each fall, helping to set up infield and organize venues for the five race events held state-wide. Both Hunter and Brody raced as part of the league, but John continues to be committed to providing a great racing event for other students state-wide.

Leroy Begay

Leroy Begay joined our staff in February 2008. Leroy is an ASE Certified Master Technician. He is extremely thorough in his diagnostics and we are grateful to have found him. Leroy is an extremely dedicated employee. He is often found here on his own time working on the tough-to-diagnose vehicles.
Leroy is an Arizona native, attended Arizona State University and has three children. He has become a die-hard drag racing fan and attends as many events as possible.

Josh Beasley

Josh joined our team in July 2015. Josh recently completed his testing to become an ASE Certified Master Technician. Josh is highly proficient and efficient.He has a genuine love of the science behind cars and is able to extrapolate that to his work. We appreciate his willingness to explain complex diagnoses and repairs to customers in a manner that is easy to understand. We are glad to have Josh on board.

Stephen Mathews

Stephen Mathews originally began working for us in September 2012. He became a friendly and familiar face to our customers. In April 2016, he moved to New Mexico and we were sad to see him go, but sent him off with best wishes. In April 2017, Stephen decided to return to Phoenix and we had a job opening at the time. We were glad to welcome him back and have had many customers state they were glad to see his face again. Stephen is an ASE Certified Technician and continues to learn and grow professionally.

Amy Decker-Haas : Owner & Office Manager


Our office manager, Amy Decker-Haas, has been employed full time with us since October, 2004.  She and John were married in 1998 and have two sons Hunter & Brody.

Amy graduated in 1994 with a Bachelor’s degree from Arizona State University. She worked at ASU until 2000 managing research projects. She then started working as an accounting assistant/office manager for a local plumbing firm where she honed her accounting and management skills. While John oversees the shop and production, she monitors the front office including all the bookkeeping, scheduling, customer relations and advertising.

Amy is from Durango, CO originally, but has been in Arizona since 1984. She enjoys going “home” to Colorado to visit and “play” on the ranch. Amy has become an avid hiker and spends quite a bit of time on the trail. As the boys have gotten older, her time has become more her own again.  She helps with some fundraising for their Boy Scout troop and has done some foster/volunteer work with the Arizona Humane Society.  Her other loves/interests are the ocean and beach, fun time with her boys, camping and down time at home.

Addie: Shop Mascot and Greeter


Addie joined the family and the crew in May 2015. She comes to the shop just about everyday and spends a lot of time sleeping. She will wander out and greet people in the waiting room when the mood strikes her. Be careful if you pet her, you might be here for awhile!