Special Thanks

We’d like to take this opportunity to send out special acknowledgements to several people who have helped Mike and Mike Vinson Automotive become successful. These people have offered their time, services, and advice willingly and often above and beyond the call of duty. Our gratitude for such help cannot be quantified, but hopefully this page will provide some small measure of recognition.Thank you!

Ann Britain: Mother
Paul Livingston: Former Boss
Ron Eggen: Former Employer
Jim Orban: Investor
Jack Long: Parts Store Owner
Linda Harland: Banker
Debi Lamper: Banker
Jim Doane: Commercial Property
Bill Marko: C.P.A.
Dave Moe: Business Owner
Stuart Simon: Advisor
John Gillstrap: Advisor
Herb Drinkwater: Mayor of Scottsdale
Marshall Gerston: Shop Owner
Whitey Almhjell: Shop Owner
Mark Salem: Shop Owner
Mike Young: Shop Owner
Theresa Keeley: Attorney